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Future Effect can meet your energy-based training, education and knowledge needs.

Why upskilling now is important

The energy industry in Australia is changing.

In WA, the Electricity Market Review has been underway since 2014. This is seeking to correct inefficiencies in the market such as excess capacity, increasing constraints on the network and increasing competition (and removing preferential treatment for some suppliers) in other areas of the wholesale market. With the recent change of Government, the future and potential timing of these reforms are uncertain. However, we believe change is inevitable particularly to address inefficiencies in the current process to connect to the network.

The impact of technology change has not featured prominently in the Electricity Market Review. Rapid and everlasting change to the energy industry is flowing from the implementation of technologies such as batteries, peer to peer trading, further deployment of intermittent renewable generation and smart meters along with the ability to control individual devices at customer premises. These changes will impact the entire energy supply chain and in particular on the traditional roles for network service providers and retailers.

These new technology led challenges are not well understood in the industry. Organisations that take steps to understand and integrate the new technologies within their business models will prosper. The first step on the road to do that is to understand how these technologies will impact on your current business model.

Future Effect is well placed to provide training and advice in this area drawing on our involvement (as a founding party) with leading peer to peer energy trading provider PowerLedger, our work with standalone power providers and many years of advising private and public entities on regulatory issues related to the impact of new technologies.

The Western Australian gas market has been experiencing significant change over the last decade with the continued steady increase in gas demand being matched by more supply options. This has come about both due to new projects, such as Gorgon and Wheatstone but also due to the end of the joint marketing arrangements that previously dominated the Western Australian gas market. Keeping up to date with information on reserves and market shares and receiving independent advice on contracting strategies can significantly add value to energy portfolios of Western Australian customers over the next few years. This will be a period with significant recontracting occurring at a time when traditional supply options such as North West Shelf Gas are withdrawing from the market.

Future Effect keeps up to date with all developments in the Western Australian gas market and can provide independently tailored training and advice to clients at short notice.

Similarly, changes are underway in the eastern states energy markets. In October 2016, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council agreed to an independent review of security and reliability in the National Electricity Market (NEM) and from this provide advice to Government (a Blueprint) on coordinated, national electricity market reform. The impetus for the review is recognition of the numerous forces driving rapid change in the Australian electricity market, including the future of carbon emission reduction targets, maintaining network reliability with increasing energy from renewable sources and co-ordinating a ‘whole of system’ approach for energy market policy, legislation, rule changes and initiatives.

Future Effect is well placed to provide clients with training and independent advice in relation to the impact of new technology and the changes it brings to both the regulatory framework and to your business strategy.

The domestic gas markets on the eastern seaboard are going through a similar experience to what happened in Western Australia from around 2005 to 2012 with domestic supply volumes decreasing and prices offered in the market rising sharply. This is due to a combination of gas being directed to the LNG export market (Gladstone) and the impact of restrictions on gas exploration, for example in relation to using techniques such as fracking. In this setting it becomes particularly important to ensure that a well thought out and long term strategy for sourcing gas is in place.

Future Effect can draw on its considerable experience with Western Australian clients having gone through a similar experience in providing tailored training and advice in this regard.

Why choose Future Effect?

We are a group of industry professionals with a long-standing history in the Western Australian energy industry. We take pride in the breadth of our collective experience and the diversity of our skill set. We can provide training and knowledge for all types of engagement with the energy market place, including in regulation, commercial strategy, asset management, stakeholder engagement, risk management, contracting and organisational efficiency.

Future Effect combines the strong capabilities and track records of our specialist staff to provide information and training based on leading knowledge. We cover the whole value chains, from upstream fuel availability and contracting, through generation, networks, retailing. Superimposed on this traditional supply chain we also cover the impact of new technology and how it is likely to change the traditional energy supply model.

We can provide historical content on the development of energy markets to date and informed foresight into how the energy market is changing, why it is changing and how companies can position themselves to succeed.

We can tailor an approach to suit individual company information or training needs. Presentations and training can be in the form of summaries and overview to bring individuals who are new to the WA energy market up-to-speed or alternatively we can provide deep dive insights into specialist areas such as regulatory strategy, fuel nominations, organisational efficiency and compliance requirements.

Our specialist staff have extensive real world experience and can bring the technical information and practical application to enhance your company’s understanding of and engagement in the energy market.

Please complete the information form below, indicating the areas of training or information you are interested in and a little about your company and one of our team will get in touch to discuss your information or training requirements.