Through the deployment of our skills and experience, Future Effect’s partners and clients are able to understand the full impact of their decisions on their organisation’s long term strategic path before ever having to commit to one course of action over another. Our services address the technical, managerial and regulatory concerns of doing business in the Western Australian and Australian Energy and Utilities markets.

Asset Analysis & Valuation

Asset Analysis Valuation

For regulated entities or those relying on a regulated return from asset investment, Future Effect can provide deep insight into the factors that impact the performance of asset investments over the total lifecycle of the asset.

Asset analysis and valuation for energy participants can be complex and time consuming. Future Effect has developed asset valuation, utilisation and life-cycle assessment tools that can sit alongside our partner’s internal asset management systems or provide a bespoke asset analysis capability.

Our team can develop tools that can model the long-term financial impacts of various asset scenarios, including:

  • construction, and
  • purchase of new assets.
  • replacement, or
  • retirement of existing assets.

Market Options Assessment & Development

Market Option Assessment

Future Effect provides guidance in the evaluation of market opportunities. We have extensive operational experience, and have been heavily involved in the development of the Western Australian Electricity Market.

Future Effect consultants have been at the centre of the development of Western Australia’s Wholesale Energy Market and provide our clients with expert advice on navigating the increasingly complex and competitive energy market.

Our directors have extensive experience in the Western Australian energy industry and bring a wealth of expertise in the identification and assessment of market opportunities, the valuation of energy market investments and the operation of the market.

Regulatory & Consumer Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

Involvement within Electricity Markets requires extensive stakeholder management, in order to comply with regulatory and customer standards. Future Effect’s knowledge of the markets and regulations provides our clients the ability to effectively manage their stakeholder engagement needs.

Future Effect provides its partners with the benefits of over 20 years of stakeholder management experience; combining the skills of expert stakeholder engagement with sound business and regulatory experience.

We provide our partners with the advice and assistance they need to help shape their customer, commercial and regulatory environments. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the regulations and processes underpinning the Western Australian and national utilities markets.

Decision-making Systems

Decision Making Systems

Future Effect believes that sound decision making can occur when the systems which support them are widely adopted, simple to use and robust in their outlook.

Future Effect creates organisational decision-making systems that mesh with existing approvals and budgeting systems or stand alone as bespoke governance arrangements testing the rigour of business planning and investment proposals.

We transfer our experience to our clients by ensuring that the decision making processes within their businesses are able to integrate a wide range of financial, operational, regulatory, risk and compliance considerations.

customer engagement

Electricity Market Review

Future Effect solves our client’s customer engagement problems; creating and advising customer engagement strategies, and providing advice on how to effectively engage with customers.

Future Effect is experienced in the design, creation and implementation of customer engagement strategies. Our clients can use our knowledge of energy consumers, and the various sections of the consumer base, in order to effectively manage their engagement.

The unique regulatory and legislation challenges faced by energy market participants require customer engagement strategies that reflect the industry and bring customers and participants together in a way that builds lasting, successful and supportive relationships.

change management

Change Management

Energy Sector participants facing changes to their business will benefit from our expertise and systems to minimise organisational impact and promote accepted, effective solutions.

Future Effect recognises the process of change in businesses can be a difficult and complex process, and our experienced staff can assist to minimise resistance, problems and delays.

Our change management methodology has been tested and proven in a range of change processes ranging from tariff reviews to pricing methodology implementations; forecasting process reviews and Project Management Systems changes.

Consumer Advocacy

Consumer Advocacy

Future Effect provides an advocacy service for energy consumers and consumer groups seeking to engage with regulators and major market participants.

Demand for fundamental change is being brought to bear on the energy market and its major participants. This is being driven by consumer behaviours, changing consumer needs and the availability of new technology.

Future Effect understands that consumers, large and small, need to be at the forefront of changes to the way the energy industry evolves to meet new challenges and deliver new opportunities.

Future Effect can assist through the development of submissions on regulatory or market issues and the provision of advice on tactical engagements with other market participants.

Energy Modelling & Pricing

Energy Modelling

Future Effect’s experience in energy modelling and pricing uses industry best practice to produce the best outcomes and accurate results for our clients.

Future Effect has in-depth skills and experience in energy modelling and pricing, our expertise includes:

  • energy pricing and tariff development, including those for new technologies,
  • programs incorporating data modelling and analysis, and
  • energy generation modelling.

We can develop detailed and sophisticated tariff models to incentivise the consumer behaviour to develop consumption patterns that reduces costs for both the consumer and the client and also ensure a more complete collection of costs associated with the supply of energy.

Future Effect has also developed innovative products and tariff structures for clients who see the benefit of better understanding the costs which need to be captured in pricing, as well as allowing customers to understand what they are paying.

project management

Project Management

Our consultants have extensive experience delivering whole of business programs or work for clients seeking to deliver major commercial and regulatory initiatives. We also have hands on experience working with clients to restructure their organisations and to identify and deliver business efficiency.

Our approach to managing projects is scalable and fits just as well for large, complex environments as it does to smaller operations. Our clients benefit from the project management frameworks we bring as well as the unparalleled experience of our team. From traditional project management methods to Lean Project Management, clients benefit from our project management skills complimenting the unique environment of the energy sector.

Future Effect uses our detailed knowledge of the industry to manage projects in a way which takes into account all of the relevant parameters and risks impacting decisions made. We understand the regulations and markets our clients operate in, giving our clients the benefit of years of experience in the sector to achieve the best and most efficient outcome for their project.

cost accounting

Cost Accounting

Future Effect’s cost account experts can provide deep insight into your businesses accounting systems and costing methodologies.

Future Effect applies sound accounting and regulatory principles to the allocation of capital and operating costs to produce a heightened level of financial transparency. Our clients benefit from the identification of a range of cost (tax and return on investment) savings that could be achieved through the adoption of a clearer and more disciplined approach to cost allocation.

Clients who require clear allocation of costs in asset focused businesses will benefit from our knowledge of their working environment as well as the experience gained from cost accounting across different industries and countries. Whether the requirement is for heightened transparency of costs or the efficiency gains available by improving costing processes, Future Effect works with our clients to understand the opportunities and benefits available.