Retail Services

Future Effect has a successful track record of supporting retailers to optimise their retail value chain and develop efficient profitable retail service offerings.

We provide consulting services to enable retailers to better manage their regulatory, market and government stakeholders.

We also offer discrete retail services direct to energy businesses.Our consultants have many years of experience working in retail businesses such as Synergy, Alinta Energy and Horizon Power and can help if you:


  • Have gas supply or gas transportation contracts expiring shortly
  • Need to procure electricity and/or gas supplies
  • Want to maximise performance under existing supply or transportation contract conditions
  • Would benefit from commercial advice in relation to portfolio optimisation of energy contracts and strategies for participating in the energy markets

Retail operations

  • Want to understand the impact of potential changes to energy retail tariffs on your revenue
  • Want to understand the impact of potential changes to energy retail tariffs on various customer groups
  • Need to establish or update models used to determine price offerings for energy customers
  • Wish to increase market share in the contestable energy market
  • Require effective customer segmentation to maximise product offering success
  • Require market intelligence advice or reports


  • Want to provide (effective/targeted) submissions to regulators on challenges in your market
  • Need support in handling disputes with retailers and/or distributors
  • Are seeking to unbundle energy prices
  • Need to determine fair charges for energy related services, such as network connection services
  • Need support in raising billing and metering issues with retailers
  • Want to challenge your distributor’s charges for negotiated services

Direct Services

  • Need assistance to manage your energy requirements
  • Are seeking to install or manage an embedded network
  • Want to improve your energy efficiency
  • Are interested in having an energy audit
  • Wish to optimise efficiency from decentralised renewable energy sources

Our upstream energy services

Future Effect works with businesses to source cost effective fuel and energy solutions.

If you have energy contract expiring shortly or need to negotiate new contracts. We will determine your energy requirements and then establish your energy supply tender process to deliver the most competitive energy prices from the market. Where possible we will group sites together and maximise the total energy requirement before issuing a tender, allowing us to provide our clients with better buying power and lower prices than they would achieve by tendering independently.

If you have an existing energy supply and/or transportation contract. We have proven experience in carefully analysing existing energy supply and transportation contract terms and conditions and comparing this to operational processes to determine if companies are maximising contract benefit. If not, then we will recommend operational process improvements to deliver maximum value.

Our retail services

We can build tariff models to help you understand the impact of varying your tariff structure or update any existing tariff models you have.

Our specialist marketing staff can help you effectively segment your customer base and develop products to reach all markets. We can assist your sales team in providing appropriate materials and customer relationship management skills to improve conversion rates and build customer loyalty.

We can provide extensive market intelligence for the whole energy value chain, from an analysis of existing gas suppliers and major offtakers through to identifying enablers for successfully preparing for full retail competition in electricity.

Our regulatory team can assist you with any licencing issues you may have and with determining your capacity credit requirement.

Our consulting services

Our consulting services leverage the specialist knowledge and experience of our energy industry team.

Our experienced consultants and directors will work with you to identify and deliver substantial savings in areas you may not realise that savings can be achieved. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of both the operation and the regulations that apply to the Australian energy markets.

Our team of regulatory specialists can help build relationships and influencing positions with key stakeholders including regulators and government.

We can assist you in negotiations with suppliers to settle disputes and/or increase your likelihood of achieving fair prices or contract terms in relationships with your distributor or retailer or third party service providers.

Our direct service offerings

Managing your energy

Future Effect, with its partner Powerledger, can provide an energy monitoring and management system that captures billing and market data from our clients’ meters and allows us to proactively provide you with a range of management reporting and advice. This will provide a more equitable allocation of energy costs and benefits amongst end-use customers. This has proved particularly popular with managed strata properties (commercial and residential), shopping centres, airports and retirement villages.

Installing an embedded electricity network

An embedded electricity network is a supply arrangement where the site owner or manager purchases electricity for the whole site and on-sells to each of the tenants within the site. This delivers cheaper electricity for the tenants and can deliver an additional income stream for the site owner or manager.

We will partner with an experienced embedded network installer to deliver your embedded network and ongoing value for your business. We provide you with support throughout the process – from feasibility assessments to regulatory compliance, to optimising both the pricing you receive from energy retailers and the revenue you collect from your tenants. We will also provide products and services to facilitate the on-selling of electricity to your tenants or residents. This will realise profits for owners or managers and savings for tenants through our proven expertise.

Energy audits

Having an energy audit conducted is a great way to find out how you could reduce your energy use and electricity bills. An energy audit will identify how and where energy (usually electricity and gas) is being used, how much it is costing you, and then what energy cost and usage control measures can be implemented. For example we can identify the power consumption of individual systems, e.g. lifts, fridges and then make recommendations on how consumption can be more efficiently managed