Power and Water NT – proposed changes to retail supply code

Regulatory News

Jul 29
Power and Water NT – proposed changes to retail supply code

The Power and Water Corporation (PWC) has proposed changes to the retail supply code in response to the substantial structural reforms presently underway in the Northern Territory, including the:

  • introduction of a wholesale electricity market;
  • structural separation of PWC; and
  • the entrance of new retailers.

In response to PWC’s proposal, the Utilities commission published a consultation paper on 29 July 2016, outlining some of the issues under consideration.   These include:

  • changes to the scope and responsibilities around network related activities and cost recovery and transfer of some of these functions to the network operator;
  • the availability and provision of customer information and metering data between market participants; and
  • standardising the connection process for customers across network service provider, retailers and the market operator.

Submissions on the consultation paper are due by 2 September 2016, with a draft decision scheduled for 14 October, followed by a final decision around the middle of December 2016