Goldfields Gas Pipeline access arrangement (2015-2019)

Access Arrangements & Price Determinations

Apr 30
Goldfields Gas Pipeline access arrangement (2015-2019)

On 29 April 2015 – The ERA published a notice of an extension, by 2 months, of the time limit in which it is required to publish the final decision. The complexity of the issues involved was cited as the reason for the extension.

Previous activity:
On 3 Nov 2015 – The ERA published an issues paper following receipt of GGT’s proposed revisions to the access arrangement on 15 Aug 2014. The main issued identified by the ERA are GGT’s proposed approach to:

  • total revenue and the allocation of costs between covered and uncovered customers;
  • calculation of WACC where GGT departs from the ERA’s Rate of Return Guidelines;
  • application of historic cost accounting and straight line depreciation in calculating the Regulatory Asset Base; and
  • cost of income tax using a Tax Asset Base based on the historic cost of assets depreciated for tax purposes, straight line depreciation and asset lives determined by the ATO.