Energy retailers and retail services

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Mar 20
Energy retailers and retail services

Future Effect has a strong track record of supporting retailers to optimise their retail value chain and develop efficient and profitable retail services for customers.  In fact, members of our team have many years experience working in major energy retail business such as Synergy, Alinta Energy and Horizon Power.  If you:

  • have energy contracts expiring shortly or need to negotiate new contracts – Future Effect can determine your energy requirements and then establish an energy procurement process to deliver competitive energy supply and transportation prices.
  • want to maximise performance under an existing supply or transportation contract – Future Effect can review operational processes against contract terms and conditions and recommend operational process improvements to deliver maximum value and mitigate contract risk.
  • are considering varying your tariff structure or updating your tariff models – Future Effect can review your existing model or build you a new model to analyse the impact of any tariff variations on your business revenues.
  • need detailed and relevant information on your market – We can provide extensive market intelligence or help you navigate energy licencing and capacity credit requirements.
  • want to build stronger relationships with regulators and government – Future Effect can assist with regulatory responses and stakeholder management.
  • wish to improve your negotiating position – Future Effect can assist you in negotiations with suppliers to settle disputes or set prices or contract terms.

Future Effect also offers direct services to energy users such as managed strata properties, shopping centres, airports, retirement villages and manufacturers.  If you are interested in:

  • better managing your energy use – Future Effect, with its partner Powerledger, can provide a trading platform to equitably allocate energy costs and benefits amongst end-use customers.
  • installing an embedded electricity network – Future Effect and our trusted partners will provide you with support throughout the process, e.g. feasibility assessments, regulatory compliance, optimising pricing packages from retailers and revenue collection from tenants.
  • auditing your energy use – We will help you identify how and where energy is being used, what this is costing and how costs may be reduced.

If you are interested in any of the retail offerings outlined above, would like more information or would like a chat with one of our experts then please complete the contact form, selecting Kristian Myhre as your contact and we will be in touch.