Energy Projects

Our Major Projects portfolio supports the large scale policy, strategic and tactical changes undertaken by organisations within the energy industry.

Future Effect can assist if you or your organisation is undertaking or anticipating:

  • improving its government, regulator and stakeholder relations;
  • changing its energy sector marketing and branding;
  • short term management of contentious issues;
  • developing or updating your crisis management plan;
  • developing or reviewing long term transmission and distribution plans in light of upcoming changes to the market;
  • updating asset life cycle management plans;
  • developing and assessing different options for infrastructure development or assessing energy infrastructure requirements; and
  • undertaking project feasibility and/or preparing business cases for Company Boards and Government to advance investment funding.

Our Director of Major Projects, David Martin has more than 16 years’ experience in the Western Australia Electricity Industry. Having worked in two of the largest and most complex energy utilities in Western Australia, including more than five years as a senior executive of Horizon Power, David brings a wealth of skills and experience in all aspects of electricity utility management.

David is currently the lead consultant on a major program of work seeking to quantify the industry impacts of emerging technologies and the fundamental shifts occurring in consumer energy market participation. David has a deep understanding of the energy industry and a passion to see the energy industry in Western Australia lead the way towards a sustainable energy future.

Energy Industry Participants

David has worked with energy industry participants to develop commercial and asset strategies to underpin their activities in the SWIS and the Pilbara. David led Horizon Power’s first economic regulatory review through the Economic Regulation Authority’s ‘Inquiry into the Funding Arrangements of Horizon Power’. David subsequently applied his experience from the Horizon Power Inquiry to assist Synergy in developing its management strategy for its engagement with the regulator during the ERA’s inquiry into the Efficiency of Synergy’s Costs and Electricity Tariffs.

David is an expert in the development of organisational decision-making frameworks and works justification processes that deliver operating and capital works programs that stand up to regulatory scrutiny by demonstrating effectiveness and efficiency.

With an extensive background in media management, the management of contentious issues and crisis management, David is able to provide high-level strategic advice on the full range of public relations and stakeholder engagement issues. David has recently worked with an east coast distribution network service provider to develop their customer engagement strategy and supported a project for the Victorian Government to determine the characteristics of the ‘future electricity customer’ to assist with longer term policy development. In managing this engagement David worked with a market research agency to understand changing household demographics and undertook a full political, market and academic scan to bring together relevant information in determining the services an electricity customer, in 30-40 years’ time may require.

Rounding out David’s skill-set is broad Human Resources management and organisational development experience in the energy sector.

Our staff have extensive real world experience. We have worked for some of the largest energy retailers, generators and network providers in the State. We have first-hand experience in developing and operating projects, from initial analysis, through feasibility to design, build, operation and life extension. We understand the cost and performance pressures faced within the Western Australian economy and the linkage between commodity cycles and the development of energy projects. Our collective experience enables us to assess, manage and implement projects with adequate consideration of the technical challenges, operating environments and data gathering and verification issues faced in the various operating environments in Western Australia.

If you are anticipating major directional changes to your business in the future or would appreciate the benefit of our extensive market experience then please don’t hesitate to contact David directly.