Energy Networks Australia publishes Roadmap

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Dec 06
Energy Networks Australia publishes Roadmap

On 6 December 2016, the Energy Networks Austalia (ENA) published its Energy Network Transformation Roadmap: Key Concepts Report.  ENA reports that this summarises the results from an extensive two year work programme, with extensive stakeholder input and an evidence base of 19 expert reports that provides an unprecedented analysis of energy system outcomes to 2050.

The Roadmap, is described as identifying the complex challenges facing the Australian electricity system as it encounters diversified energy supplies and suggests a future strategy and achievable delivery plan.  Proposed achievements include:

  • 10 million participants using the grid as a platform for energy exchange;
  • customers saving over $414 per year on average (compared to a base case ‘business as usual’);
  • total savings of $101 billion in system expenditure and
  • zero net emission for the electricity sector by 2050.

The ENA is seeking feedback on the report by 16 February 2017, with a view to finalising it by March 2017.