Energy Markets

The Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) in WA is engaged in an extended period of change. The preferred outcomes from the recent Energy Market Review are being implemented over the next couple of years and the introduction of full retail competition for electricity is on the horizon.

Existing and potential WEM market participants may need to review their engagement in the market in light of these changes to ensure strategic or competitive advantage over the coming years. Future Effect’s market portfolio can help with this, in providing assistance with:

  • managing your portfolio of gas commodity and transportation contracts;
  • developing strategies to address carbon related trading needs;
  • developing and maintaining pricing tools for gas and electricity loads;
  • assessing and analysing contractual terms and conditions;
  • assessing new business opportunities such as new gas and electricity supply offers;
  • forecasting portfolio electricity load using regression based statistical forecasting tools;
  • analysing the impact of proposed market rule changes;
  • capturing and maintaining market intelligence; and
  • developing and maintaining management reporting on key business performance indicators for the gas and electricity portfolios.

Future Effect can provide specialist support across these areas. Kristian Myhre, our Director, Markets has widespread experience in the provision of analytical, commercial and regulatory advice to large energy corporations and economic regulators.

Our Director, Markets has a detailed knowledge of the Western Australian energy industry structure and regulatory frameworks. He has been a Director on the Retail Energy Market Company board (REMCO) which administers the contestable gas market of WA and was also a sitting member of the Market Advisory Committee (MAC) which provided guidance to the IMO on the operation of the WEM. Kristian has also worked industry-side undertaking business development activities, managing energy trading and in contract management.

Compliance Requirements & The WA National Regulatory Framework

Future Effect can also provide advice on compliance requirements within the WA and national regulatory frameworks and can analyse impacts of proposed changes to the market rules, particularly now as some elements of the National Electricity Rules are being adopted in WA.

Under the markets portfolio, we are able to provide a full financial, statistical and tariff suite of econometric models, utilising in-house models to help optimise market opportunities or by building bespoke models for individual market participants or market functions.

Future Effect consultants have been at the centre of the development of Western Australia’s Wholesale Energy Market and provide our clients with expert advice on navigating the increasingly complex and competitive energy market. Therefore, we are ideally suited to providing training sessions for you and your teams to introduce you to the energy markets in WA or to give you a refresher on current events and opportunities.

Our directors have extensive experience in the Western Australian energy industry and bring a wealth of expertise in the identification and assessment of market opportunities, the valuation of energy market investments and the operation of the market. For help with any of your market-based needs please contact us today.