Economic Regulation

Typically, economic regulation is described as covering:

  • entry controls – rules that limit who can enter a market, this usually takes the form of requiring a licence to participate in a market; and
  • price controls – what prices may be charged in a market.

Future Effect's expertise lies in economic regulation in the utility sector, predominantly electricity, gas and water. We provide our partners with the advice and assistance they need to help shape their customer, commercial and regulatory environments. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the regulations and processes underpinning the Western Australian and national utilities markets.

Therefore, if you are a licence holder in one of these markets, or are subject to price reviews/access arrangements or wish to optimise your performance within the regulated and rapidly changing electricity, gas and water markets then please contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we may help you.

Preparation for and management of a price determination or access arrangement regulatory process

We can assist by reviewing recent price determination outcomes across the state, national or international horizons to determine current regulatory trends and issues. We will assist in your identification of desired outcomes from the regulatory process including identification and collation of the required data/modelling outcomes to optimise your submissions into the regulatory process. Future Effect will bring our 20 plus years of stakeholder management and regulatory experience to devise strategies for engaging with the regulator, government customers and other service providers. We are able to provide a full project management or Project Management Office solution for your price determination/access arrangement. This will include translating the tasks, resources and timeline into a detailed project plan with clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities through the regulatory process. We are fully confident that we can demonstrate the value in having a clear but thorough strategy for engagement with the regulator.

Participation in the regulatory environment

Involvement within Electricity Markets requires extensive stakeholder management, in order to comply with regulatory and customer standards. Future Effect's knowledge of the markets and regulations provides our clients the ability to effectively manage their stakeholder engagement needs.

Specific services include helping you to understand the opportunities available to influence economic, market and regulatory policy, writing submissions to regulatory processes either in conjunction with your team or on your behalf or providing ad-hoc advice on developing issues in the regulatory sphere.

We keep a watching brief on developments in regulated utilities across Western Australia, Australia and internationally. We provide a complementary regulatory intelligence service to keep you informed of regulatory developments without having to search through the websites of the numerous economic regulators operating at present for the information you need.