Changes to the Code supplying electricity to Small-Use Customers

ERA – Economic Regulation Authority

Apr 27
Changes to the Code supplying electricity to Small-Use Customers

During 2015, the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) consulted on a review of the 2014 Code of Conduct to Supply Electricity to Small-Use Customers (the Code).  It is advised in this matter by the Electricity Code Consultative Committee (ECCC).

In December 2015, the ECCC submitted its final report and recommendations for changes to the 2014 Code and the ERA incorporated these recommendations in its draft decision published in February 2016.  The ECCC consulted with interested parties on the draft decision and from this made four additional recommendations for change.

Three of these recommendations seek to clarify the intent of certain clauses.  The fourth recommendation provides that distributors are no longer required to give a life support equipment customer three business days’ notice of a planned interruption if the reason for the interruption is to reconnect supply (generally occurring when a temporary generator is disconnected in order to reconnect the customer to the main network following an emergency or fault).  Instead, distributors will be required to ‘use best endeavours’ to contact the customer (or someone at the address).

The ERA has published an amended draft decision to draw attention to these additional recommendations and will now request the ECCC’s advice on the recommendation regarding notice to life support equipment customers as it considers this to be a material amendment to the Code that has not been previously consulted on.  The Electricity Industry Act 2004 requires  that  the  ECCC  provide  interested  parties  with  an  opportunity  to comment before providing its advice to the ERA.  Following receipt of the ECCC advice, the ERA will consider the advice and make a final decision regarding amendments to the Code.