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Jun 14

Increased Competition in Western Australia’s Energy Markets

Customer Service and Protection , Energy Sector News , ERA – Economic Regulation Authority , Retail Markets

On Monday 22 May, the Energy Minister, Ben Wyatt, reaffirmed the Labor Government’s determination to introduce Full Retail Contestability (FRC) in the electricity market “sooner rather than later”.  FRC would see small customers consuming less than 50MWh per year being allowed to choose a retailer other than Synergy.  Although not willing to commit to a […]

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May 23

AER consults on the Minimum Disconnection Amount

AER – Australian Energy Regulator , Customer Service and Protection

AER review of minimum disconnection amount

On 23 May 2016, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) published a consultation letter relating to its current review of the Minimum Disconnection Amount (r116 National Energy Retail Rules). This rule determines that a retailer cannot disconnect a small energy customer for non-payment where the amount owing is less than an amount approved by the AER […]

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Jan 12

2015 Energy Retailers Performance Report

Customer Service and Protection , Performance Reporting

gas electricity performance statistics

On 12 January 2016, the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) published its Annual Performance Report for Energy Retailers.   The report covers three areas of customer interaction with their energy retailer(s): affordability – on-time billing and assistance with paying a bill; access to a supply – disconnections and re-connections; and customer service – complaints and telephone service. […]

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Dec 11

Review of Victorian Guaranteed Service Levels Scheme

Customer Service and Protection , ESC – Essential Services Commission of Victoria

gas electricity performance statistics

On 18 November, the Essential Services Commission (ESC) published its draft decision, part of the current review of guaranteed service levels for Victorian electricity distribution network service providers. Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) payments are made to customers when agreed service levels are not met.  These service levels include standards for the frequency and duration of […]

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Aug 11

Five year plan to help increase trust in water in UK

Customer Service and Protection , OFWAT – Office of Water Services in the United Kingdom

Five year plan to increase trust in water uk

This plan began with OFWAT (Office of Water Services) publishing the ‘shared vision’ for the sector, where customers and the wider society have trust and confidence in public water and wastewater services. On 11 August 2015 – OFWAT published its 5-year business plan which sets out how it plans to deliver the shared vision. The […]

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Jul 20

Competitiveness of the retail electricity market in NSW

Customer Service and Protection , IPART – Independent Regulatory and Pricing Tribunal of New South Wales

Annual energy distributor performance report

On 20 July 2015 – IPART released its draft report on the competitiveness in the retail electricity market. This is the first review of its kind since retail price regulation was removed in NSW and IPART moved to a market monitoring role. The draft findings suggest that the retail electricity market is working effectively with: […]

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Jul 08

Analysis of energy market and adverse effects on competition in the UK

Customer Service and Protection , OFGEM – Office of Gas and Water Markets in the United Kingdom

Energy market analysis in the UK

On 7 July 2015 – the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) released its findings and recommendations following a year-long investigation into the energy market.  It identified two main problems that hindered both competition in the market and better outcomes for customers; these were: a lack of engagement of customers in the market; and shortcomings in […]

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Mar 28

Energy Hardship Review in Victoria

Customer Service and Protection , ESC – Essential Services Commission of Victoria

Energy hardship review victoria

On 18 February 2015, the Victorian Government announced an inquiry into best practice financial hardship programmes of energy retailers.  The Essential Services Commission (ESC) was asked to conduct the inquiry, with preliminary findings reported back by the end of Aug 2015. On 27 Mar 2015 – the ESC published an issues paper to guide submissions […]

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