Business Improvement

In the current economic, political and social conditions, most companies and organisations are seeking to improve their business performance in order to compete and stay relevant to the market and customer requirements.

If, as an organisation or as an individual manager you are looking to:

  • improve productivity within a team, process or company;
  • reduce costs;
  • restructure all or part of your organisation;
  • streamline your processes and/or reduce process inefficiencies;
  • align your processes with your business goals and customer requirements; and
  • realise benefit improvements.

Then, Future Effect's business improvement team can help.

Our service offering encompasses all aspects of business improvement, managed through comprehensive analysis and professional project and change management methodologies. Our services include:

  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Operations Review
  • Organisational Design
  • Productivity Programme and Roadmap design
  • Change and Transition Planning
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Full Improvement Initiative Identification, Implementation and Transition
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Benefits Realisation Measurement
  • Lean and Six Sigma process review and redesign

From across our organisation we bring a comprehensive skill set to understand your business improvement requirements. These will be analysed by our team against the current industry, economic and political parameters and your organisation's commercial goals. We consult widely and will collaborate and keep you informed throughout this analytical phase.

In agreeing to implement change we offer a comprehensive project management and change management services which is explained in more detail below.

Project Management

At a time when many companies are looking to increase productivity and reduce costs, it is pertinent to understand the value added by using experienced project managers, to identify, establish, implement or help implement productivity initiatives. This is particularly acute when the activity level is high and time frames are challenging.

An experienced project manager is able to:

  • quickly understand the scope and intricacies of the project;
  • identify the key interfaces or externalities with the rest of the business and with other initiatives or projects;
  • manage all aspects of the project to meet agreed timelines and deliver agreed outputs;
  • keep the project sponsor, steering committee informed of progress and aware of any potential risks or issues that may arise plus offer mitigation strategies as required;
  • undertake all reporting and monitoring activities; and
  • establish robust benefits realisation measurement frameworks.

Our project management service offering can accommodate various levels of support.

We can take full responsibility for the management of all aspects of a project from inception to completion and post implementation reviews. This leaves busy Managers free to concentrate on other aspects of their portfolio.

We can provide project management mentoring to new or less experienced project managers. This can be to help them with the initial set up and project launch to start them off and then provide an ongoing support service to help identify issues early and then put action plans in place to ensure the project progress proceeds as planned.

Alternatively we are able to provide ‘as needed’ project support. This can include:

  • undertaking initial analysis to determine if the project is viable;
  • helping to pull together a business case to progress project approval or acquire the appropriate funding;
  • running workshops to identify and analyse project stakeholders then create tailored communication plans; and
  • identify project, operational and corporate risks and build mitigation strategies into the project plan.

All of our project managers are experienced industry professionals and are ready to discuss your needs and agree workable and practical solutions.

Future Effect uses our detailed knowledge of the industry to manage projects in a way which takes into account all of the relevant parameters and risks impacting decisions made. We understand the regulations and markets our clients operate in, giving our clients the benefit of years of experience in the sector to achieve the best and most efficient outcome for their project.

Change Management

Future Effect recognises the process of change in businesses can be a difficult and complex process, and our experienced staff can assist to minimise resistance, problems and delays.

Our change management methodology has been tested and proven in a range of change processes ranging from tariff reviews to large-scale organisational restructures, pricing methodology implementations; forecasting process reviews and Project Management Systems changes. Alternatively, we are comfortable in adopting any in-house change management methodologies that you may utilise.

We offer a full stakeholder assessment and analysis service and from this create employee engagement strategies and comprehensive communications plans and activities.

Please feel free to contact our Associate Director of Business Improvement, Corinna Kirwood for a no obligation chat if there are any issues you would like to discuss.