Amendments to the WA Technical Rules

ERA – Economic Regulation Authority

Dec 18
Amendments to the WA Technical Rules

On 3 December 2015, Western Power proposed several amendments to the Technical Rules concerning access to and operation of the WA electrical transmission and distribution network.  These changes were mostly in response to the Technical Rules’ ability to accommodate new technologies, in particular, embedded generation connecting to the distribution network.

On 14 December, Western Power proposed a small addendum to the earlier proposal, this was published by the Economic Regulatory Authority (ERA) on 18 December 2015.

It is anticipated that the ERA will invite public submissions on the proposed amendments to the Technical Rules to guide its decision on whether or not to approve the amendments.

The Technical Rules operate in accordance with chapter 12 of the Access Code.  Their purpose is to ensure that definitive technical requirements govern the planning, design and operation of the transmission and distribution networks.  In addition, the Technical Rules set out the minimum standards for the facilities, both loads and generators, connected to the network, ensuring the safety of all Network Users.

The Technical Rules were first approved in 26 April 2007, to become effective from 1 July 2007.  A further review and revisions to the Technical Rules followed in 2011.