Amendments to the WA Retail Energy Market Scheme

ERA – Economic Regulation Authority

Dec 18
Amendments to the WA Retail Energy Market Scheme

On 18 December, the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) approved amendments to the Retail Energy Market Company’s (REMCo) Retail Market Scheme, providing for the operation of the Western Australian Gas Retail Market.  Amended rules are as follows:

  • Rule Change C03/15R–Explicit Informed Consent for Move-ins;
  • Rule Change C04/15S–Removal of Reference to Hansen in the Spec Pack; and
  • Rule Change C05/15R–New Gate Point in the South Metro Sub-network to Identify the Parmelia Pipeline Injection Point.

REMCo is the Retail Market Operator for the contestable gas retail markets in Western Australia.  REMCo administers the business processes between the Western Australian gas market participants to allow gas retailers to cost effectively compete to supply gas to over 700,000 customers.  REMCo also administer the Retail Market Scheme and the rules that define the obligations of participants in the gas retail market.