Future Effect is a business performance partner, focused on helping energy and utility clients create a better business future through a deeper understanding of their business environment. Future Effect was established in 2009, and has attracted a staff of consultants who work with top clients within the Western Australian and National energy markets.

Future Effect was founded and is owned by a group of industry professionals with a long standing history in the Western Australian energy industry. We take pride in the breadth of our collective experience and the diversity of our skill set. With broad ranging qualifications and experience, including in commerce, law, economics, management and engineering – we are able to provide a balanced perspective to our client base.

Future Effect’s key offerings

  • Strategic Commercial Advice
  • Asset Life-cycle Analysis
  • Market Options Assessment & Development
  • Regulatory & Consumer Stakeholder Management
  • Development of End-to-End Business Decision-Making Systems

How We Work

Future Effect offers clients the ability to understand the full impact of their decisions within the full context of the Energy Industry. We work with our clients to ensure they benefit from our experience and achieve the best possible solutions.