Future Effect provides expert strategic, commercial, regulatory, market and business improvement advice and consultancy to organisations in the utility and infrastructure sectors

Ranging from executive-level insight on issues of long-term strategic significance, to management support; Future Effect's advisory services transfer the value of our deep understanding of the Western Australian energy industry to our clients.

Commercial Projects

The commercial portfolio is headed by our Associate Director Nenad Ninkov. Nenad has 30 years’ experience in the Transport, Rail and Energy (Electricity and Gas) Industries. He has successfully held a number of high profile and strategically-focused roles across both the public and private sectors and across both the electricity and gas supply industries. These positions have included executive roles within State-owned energy businesses including SECWA and Western Power and most recently as Alinta Energy’s General Manager of Wholesale and Western Australian Operations.

Energy Projects

Our Major Projects portfolio supports the large scale policy, strategic and tactical changes undertaken by organisations within the energy industry. Our Director of Major Projects, David Martin has more than 16 years’ experience in the Western Australia Electricity Industry. Having worked in two of the largest and most complex energy utilities in Western Australia, including more than five years as a senior executive of Horizon Power, David brings a wealth of skills and experience in all aspects of electricity utility management.

energy markets

The Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) in WA is engaged in an extended period of change. The preferred outcomes from the recent Energy Market Review are being implemented over the next couple of years and the introduction of full retail competition for electricity is on the horizon. Existing and potential WEM market participants may need to review their engagement in the market in light of these changes to ensure strategic or competitive advantage over the coming years. Future Effect’s market portfolio can help with this.

Economic Regulation

Future Effect’s expertise lies in economic regulation in the utility sector, predominantly electricity, gas and water. We provide our partners with the advice and assistance they need to help shape their customer, commercial and regulatory environments. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the regulations and processes underpinning the Western Australian and national utilities markets.

Business Improvement

From across our organisation we bring a comprehensive skill set to understand your business improvement requirements. These will be analysed by our team against the current industry, economic and political parameters and your organisation’s commercial goals. We consult widely and will involve you and keep you informed throughout this analytical phase.

Why choose us?

Extensive Local and National Knowledge

Future Effect’s consulting team has significant and recent experience in Australia’s regulated electricity markets, the Wholesale Energy Market (WEM) and the National Energy Market (NEM) as well as both management and consulting experience with public and private participants in unregulated regional energy markets, including the North West Interconnected System, Horizon Power’s non-interconnected systems and various remote indigenous communities and mine-sites.

In particular, Future Effect has extensive proprietary knowledge of the Western Australian energy industry. This includes models analysing the segment returns for generic electricity and gas businesses and tools for assessing and comparing major new commitments. Future Effect’s bespoke modelling tools, constructed to mimic the dynamics of the Western Australian marketplace, include fuel supply and delivery, energy demand and pricing and the operation of the WEM. Future Effect is able to modify these tools to incorporate the specific requirements of the client in a reasonably short time frame.

Leading Technical Skills

Future Effect combines the strong capabilities and track records of our specialist staff to provide advice based on leading knowledge of energy demand, regulation, markets, technologies and infrastructure developments.

Future Effect has significant and recent experience in the assessment of energy infrastructure requirements, assessment of viable generation options, project feasibility, and the development of business cases appropriate for advancing infrastructure funding.

Our specialist staff have experience in undertaking due diligence reviews including extensive experience in undertaking risk based assessments.

Future Effect has a documented, standardised approach to project management of large integrated projects. Our methodologies are available to be discussed with our clients and modified to enable integration with client methodologies and systems prior to their deployment.

We have conducted large scale organisational restructures and change management programmes and coordinated productivity and efficiency initiatives for our clients.

industry contacts

As a Perth-based firm, with contacts throughout Western Australia, Future Effect carries a wealth of information in relation to the supply and demand dynamics of the industry.

We are in regular contact with key personnel within Government, regulators, energy industry participants, project financiers, large consumers and industry groups. We are able to engage quickly on local Western Australian assignments bringing to the table our extensive network to supplement our knowledge as required.

real world experience

Our specialist staff have extensive real world and recent experience in all segments of the gas and electricity value chains. We have worked for some of the largest energy retailers, generators and network providers in the State, nationally and overseas. We have first-hand experience in developing and operating projects, from initial analysis, through feasibility to design, build, operation and life extension. We understand the cost and performance pressures faced within the Western Australian economy and the linkage between commodity cycles and the development of energy projects. Our collective experience enables us to assess, manage and implement projects with adequate consideration of the technical challenges, operating environments and data gathering verification issues faced in the various operating environments in Western Australia.


Our specialist staff maintain a watching eye on the latest developments from around the globe. We propose solutions that leverage off this up to date knowledge.

We maintain a network of industry experts through which we seek further advice. We seek holistic solutions with our clients that anticipate the wider implications of changes to strategy, policy, operations, regulations and structures.


We pride ourselves on being highly successful. We only take on projects that we know we can deliver to our clients to their total satisfaction. As such, to date we have had a 100% success factor. Our clients will happily attest to this.

As is evident from the range of projects that we undertake, our team are well respected subject matter experts with unparalleled policy, regulatory and commercial experience.

Our List of Clients Include

Alinta Energy


apa group

united energy/
multinet gas

Collgar Wind Farm

Verve energy

horizon power

western power

Woodside Energy Ltd.

perth energy